Jennifer Onesto's "Twenty Houses" CD

Twenty Houses

Latest News -- Jennifer is changing her stage name to Jennifer Jennings and will be performing with that name this summer.  Check out her new website at for details of upcoming shows and new songs !

Chicago singer/songwriter, Jennifer Onesto, has released her first solo CD titled "Twenty Houses", containing 10 original songs. Click once on the song title below to get info and see lyrics for that track, and click on the song again to download a one minute sample of the song.

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Check out a cool new website featuring Jen where you can hear all of Jen's songs in MP3 format - and download a couple.  Also, check out the links page for more sites like this.

All songs are Copywritten 1996, published under the label: BikiniCut Productions - BMI

Twenty Houses

Isn't It Funny


Love Changes Everything

Fractured Queen

When The Train Comes

Here In The Darkness


Give Me 'Til Morning


Last Dance

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